Panama Coffee


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We are proud to supply very special coffee beans from Panama.  This Coffee is some of the best in the world.  For those who truly are coffee conasurres this is some of the best there is.  See a couple of links below for more info on the coffee we are offering.

With Geisha’s newfound fame, the specialty coffee was sought out by the most discerning coffee drinkers and brewers worldwide. This demand, coupled with its complicated growing process and low yields, has made it arguably the most expensive coffee in the world. A cup of Panamanian Geisha coffee can cost the equivalent of $125 in Japan and $200 in Dubai. Now, several countries—including Ethiopia, where the bean originated—have begun importing Panamanian Geisha coffee. Each year, buyers bid higher and higher for Geisha beans at international coffee auctions. In September 2022, the Lamastus family set a new Panamanian Geisha Coffee world record by selling a pound of their Elida Geisha Aguacatillo, honey-processed coffee for a whopping $6,034 to a Taiwanese coffee company.